Research and statistics

Trust business surveys and research

  • We conduct surveys and research with academics and practitioners concerning the legal and economic aspects of the trust system and trust business. We also research and improve tax features for promoting the ideology of trusts and research the theoretical and practical aspects of the trust business.

Grant scheme for trust research

  • To further develop the trust system in Japan, we have conducted research on a broad range of trusts since 1972 and provided trust research grants to people conducting such research.

                 Guidelines for application for the FY2020 Trust Research Grant Program(60KB)

  • Research Result

                 Japanese Banks:An Exploration of Efficiency Based on Data Envelopment Analysis (Baighya El Filali态Masaki Nakahigashi)(185KB)

                 The Impact of Non-Traditional Monetary Policies on Different Property Sectors of Japanese REIT Market (Takayasu Ito)(315KB)

                 An Essay on Japan-England Paralleling and Contrasting Research on the History of the formation of Local Credit Relationship Networks(Motoyasu Takahashi)(548KB)

                 Legal Issues and the Use of Trusts in Reverse Mortgages: A Comparative Legal Approach(Yuko Nakata)(249KB)

Endowed classes on the trust

  • We have donated to a university for endowed classes on the trust business to promote the concept of trust and encourage research.

Trust Library Center

  • The Trust Library Center was established in 1973 to support trust research, and it collates and provides trust-related literature and materials from both within and outside Japan

Trust statistics business

  • To support efficient operations among member companies, we collect various data concerning trusts and provide such data to member companies. When necessary, we disseminate such data externally and post it in the trust statistics section of our website.

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